10 Best Twitch Video Downloaders Online/ for Phone

There is no doubt that YouTube is currently the world’s most popular video site with the largest number of users. However, there is one video site that is constantly attracting people’s attention. Watching the video site’s live stream has become an important way for users around the world to spend time and relax. This video site is Twitch. Users can watch live streams of the hottest games, sexy Hot Tub streams, and more on Twitch. So, is there any software that can help us download those Twitch videos we like? This article will introduce 10 best Twitch video downloaders online/ for phone for you.

Part 1: Why Do You Need a Twitch Video Downloader?

If you’re not a Twitch user, you certainly don’t need a Twitch video downloader. However, if you are a Twitch user, I am sure you will need it many times in the future. For example, if you missed a great Twitch live stream, you can use a Twitch video downloader to download the live stream and watch it again at any time. In addition, Twitch has a policy that it will automatically delete live stream videos saved on Twitch after a certain period of time (usually a month). So, if you don’t download your favorite Twitch live stream video, you won’t be able to find it on Twitch in the future. In addition, the uploader of the a Twitch video is also likely to delete the video, which will also cause you to no longer be able to watch your favorite Twitch videos. In a word, it is very necessary to download your favorite Twitch videos with a Twitch video downloader to prevent loss.

Part 2: Best Twitch Video Downloader Software

ABecause Twitch does not allow users to download Twitch videos directly from Twitch, we can use third-party tools to accomplish this task. Here are four Twitch video download software. What’s more, they’re all desktop apps.

1. CleverGet Twitch Downloader

CleverGet Twitch Downloader is a very professional Twitch video downloader, which can not only download Twitch live videos, but also download past broadcasts, and these downloaded videos are lossless. CleverGet Twitch Downloader is also able to download Twitch VODs. In order to improve the efficiency of downloading, CleverGet can download videos in batches. If you hate ads in your videos, CleverGet can also help you remove them from your videos. In addition, CleverGet is also a desktop application, but it has a very user-friendly interface, so users can easily grasp how to use it.

  • CleverGet YouTube to MP4 Downloader
  • CleverGet Twitch Downloader

    1. Download Video & Music from 1000+ Sites
    2. Download Live Videos And Past Broadcasts From Twitch Conveniently
    3. Up to 1080P HD 60fps Video Downloading with 320kbps Audio Quality
    4. Save Subtitles as Independent SRT/SUP Files or Remux Into Output Video
    5. Smarter Downloading Settings
    6. 1-Click to Play Downloaded Videos
    7. Provide Precise Video Info


  • Can download Twitch videos in different formats and resolutions
  • Have a built-in browser;
  • Download speed is 6 times faster than other Twitch video downloaders;
  • Have a simple interface;
  • Remove ads from videos;
  • Twitch videos can be downloaded in batches.


  • Paid service.

2. Leawo Video Downloader

Leawo Video Downloader can download videos and music from over 1000 websites, so it can easily download videos from Twitch. Because Leawo Video Downloader has a built-in player, after installing Leawo Video Downloader, you don’t even need to install another video player. After downloading Twitch videos, you can play them directly in Leawo Video Downloader. In addition, Leawo Video Downloader uses advanced video loading technology, so it downloads Twitch videos 6 times faster than normal Twitch video downloaders. Of course, Leawo Video Downloader can also download videos in batches. In addition, you can manage the videos that are being downloaded or have been downloaded directly in Leawo Video Downloader.

  • Leawo Video Downloader
  • Leawo Video Downloader

    1. Download Video & Music from 1000+ Sites
    2. Download Live Stream Videos from YouTube Live and Others
    3. 720P and Even 1080P HD Video Downloading
    4. 6X Faster Online Video Downloading
    5. Smarter Downloading Settings
    6. 1-Click to Play Downloaded Videos
    7. Provide Precise Video Info


  • Can download videos in batches;
  • Has a built-in video player;
  • Video can be downloaded from more than 1000+ websites;
  • Download speed is 6 times faster than other Twitch video downloaders;
  • Have a simple interface;
  • Can download live videos from the live website;
  • The downloaded video is lossless.


  • Paid service.

3. Cisdem Video Converter

Cisdem Video Converter is a Mac-only desktop application that can download Twitch videos without any quality loss. Of course, Cisdem Video Converter is also very fast to download Twitch videos. What’s more, Cisdem Video Converter can also edit the downloaded Twitch videos and further improve the quality of Twitch videos.


  • Provides users with multiple editing tools to edit Twitch videos;
  • Download Twitch videos losslessly;
  • Supports downloading Twitch videos in multiple formats.


  • Cisdem Video Converter is only available for Mac and requires a fee;
  • Batch downloading of Twitch videos is not allowed.

4. Twitch Leecher

As an open-source Twitch video downloader, Twitch Leecher is completely free. In addition, the developers of Twitch Leecher provide users with a simple and intuitive interface, users can easily learn how to use Twitch Leecher to download Twitch videos.


  • Has an intuitive user interface;
  • Download Twitch videos quickly.


  • There is no official website, so there are security issues;
  • Complicated and not friendly to first-time users.

Part 3: Best Twitch Video Downloader Online

Of course, you can also download Twitch videos directly online, because many websites now provide users with the service of downloading Twitch videos online for free. Here are some online Twitch video download sites that I have used and found to be very useful.

1. KeepVid

KeepVid is a very easy-to-use Twitch video downloader online because of its very simple interface. Users can easily learn how to use it without seeing any tutorials. In addition, KeepVid also allows users to extract audio of a Twitch video and download that audio to computer in MP3 format.


  • Very easy to use;
  • Can extract audio from Twitch videos;
  • Download speed is fast.


  • Risky to reveal the privacy of users and cause security issues;
  • Prone to fail due to network fluctuations.

2. Clipsey

Clipsey is a Chrome browser extension, so users can use Clipsey in the browser to download Twitch videos. Users only need to paste the URL of the Twitch video into Clipsey’s text box, then click Download to instruct Clipsey to download the Twitch video.


  • Free to use;
  • The steps to download Twitch videos are simple;
  • No app installation.


  • Risk of revealing the privacy of users and have security issues;

The format and resolution of Twitch videos cannot be selected when downloading Twitch videos.

3. Twitch Online Downloader

The steps to download Twitch videos with Twitch Online Downloader are exactly the same as Clipsey, so Twitch Online Downloader is also a very simple Twitch video downloader online. At the same time, Twitch Online Downloader can also download videos from other video sites, such as YouTube.


  • Free;
  • Support downloading videos from other video sites;
  • Audio and video can be downloaded in a variety of formats.


  • Possibility of revealing the privacy of users and have security issues;
  • Sometimes URL cannot be identified;
  • Downloading Twitch videos can easily fail.

4. UnTwitch

AAs a Twitch video downloader online, UnTwitch can not only download Twitch videos, but also edit Twitch videos. Also, unlike the other three online Twitch video downloaders, UnTwitch allows users to choose the resolution of Twitch videos when downloading Twitch videos.


  • Free;
  • Can edit Twitch videos,
  • Can convert Twitch videos to MP3.


  • Possible security issues;
  • 30 minutes of maximum length.

Part 4: Best Twitch Video Downloader App

If you want to use your phone to download Twitch videos, you can consider using the following two mobile apps to accomplish this task.

1. Video Downloader for Twitch

Video Downloader for Twitch is a completely free Twitch video downloader. It can download not only video but also audio. Video Downloader for Twitch uses multi-threading technology, so downloading Twitch videos is very fast.


  • Free;
  • Downloadable video and audio;
  • You can choose the resolution of the downloaded video.


  • Unstable, sometimes unable to download Twitch videos;
  • Users are sometimes unable to log in.

2. Downloader for Twitch Videos

Downloader for Twitch Videos is a completely free Twitch video downloader for Android. In addition to being able to download Twitch videos, it can also edit Twitch videos and share them with others. In addition, users can also download Downloader for Twitch Videos to manage all media files in the phone.


  • Twitch videos can be downloaded in batches;
  • Can edit Twitch videos;
  • Can manage all media in your phone.


  • Android only;
  • Downloading Twitch videos sometimes fails.

Although the current Twitch video downloaders are not perfect, they all have their own shortcomings and advantages. But compared to free Twitch video downloaders online and Twitch video downloaders on mobile phones, CleverGet and Leawo Video Downloader have advantages that these downloaders do not have, and without the drawbacks of these downloaders. Therefore, CleverGet and Leawo Video Downloader can be said to be the two best Twitch video downloaders out there. So, if you are still hesitating which Twitch video downloader to use, I highly recommend CleverGet or Leawo Video Downloader.


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