Quick Fixes to Instagram Sound Not Working

“Can anyone help me out this? There is no sound on Instagram Stories. No matter I use my own iPhone or my friend’s Nexus, all Instagram videos have no sound. What’s wrong with this? How can I fix Instagram sound not working issue? Please help.”

Instagram stories is another way to spice up your social media experience. While it’s fun to interact with other people’s stories, you might be left confused when no sound on Instagram stories occurs. Well, if you are looking for solutions to fix Instagram sound not working issue, here are the ways to fix the Instagram story sound not working on mobile phones and computer.

Instagram sound not working – How it occurs

A lack of sound in Instagram, whether it’s in Stories/Reels or videos from regular posts, is likely due to one of two core problems: The app itself, or the device you’re using it on. It is very important for you to know the causes before fixing Instagram sound not working issue. Through our careful and thorough searching and summarizing, we have listed the causes, from the most basic to the most complex ones as below:

  • Instagram has a default feature that does not allow automatic play of sound. Enabling the sound or audio part will fix the issue of Instagram video no sound issue.
  • The Instagram video itself may have been posted without sound. Actually, this is not an error, since its source video has no sound, therefore there is no sound on Instagram stories or videos.
  • There can be a problem with your Instagram application that can cause the sound to be unavailable. The reason can be anything from the Cache and cookies issue to an outdated version.
  • Sometimes, it can be an internet browser that is causing the problem. Make use of third-party extension or turn to another browser.
  • If you are running Instagram on your computer, then the reason for this Instagram video no sound issue can be the presence of an improper sound drive. This can be explained as the incompatibility of the sound driver with the Instagram application.
  • The audio codec of the video may not be compatible with the Instagram application. This may cause the Instagram application not to decode and play the sound properly.
  • The video itself may have been corrupt. This can happen due to various reasons.
  • Other tabs opened on your browser, or some of those extensions can also cause the problem. Close them one by one or delete those extensions individually to check which one is causing Instagram video sound problems.

The above are the most possibly causes of Instagram video no sound working issue. With all these causes being listed, let’s move forward to the solutions of Instagram no sound working issue.

8 solutions to Instagram sound not working error

Now that you are aware of the causes behind the issue, it will be easier to move towards the fixes based on certain assumptions, as you would not feel at a loss while troubleshooting.

instagram sound not working

1. Restart your iPhone/Android and try again:

Sometimes, your device may be overburdened, and it may obstructing the proper execution or functioning of various applications, including Instagram. Rebooting or restarting your phone can help free up resources by closing various applications running in the background and eating up resources unnecessarily.

2. Re-install the Instagram app:

Re-installing or updating to the latest Instagram app could help you fix the Instagram video no sound issue. You can check for any updates or bug fix releases for the application on the store and install it. This will ensure that you have the latest version without the bug. If this doesn’t work, you can try to install an older version that was working fine for your device earlier.

3. Fully close the Instagram app and try again:

Force closing your application can help release and reset the CPU, GPU, and Memory resources on your device. Go to Settings -> Apps -> Instagram. Then, click on Force Stop. This will force close your Instagram. Reopen the application after a minute and verify if the issue has been resolved. If not, proceed to the next step.

4. Make sure your volume is not turned off:

Make sure that you have turned on the volume of your mobile devices and computer audio.

5. Clear in-app Instagram cache and cookies:

Sometimes in-app problems like no sound on Instagram can be confronted. The best way to avoid them is to clear all the cache memory on Instagram.

6. Check your computer audio driver:

Update your computer audio driver to the latest version to see if the Instagram no sound working issue could be fixed or not.

7. Disable third-party extensions:

It has been observed that various third parties and unauthorized extensions can lead to trouble while browsing various social media or eCommerce websites. It is because some third-party extensions monitor and block various unwanted advertisements. Disabling all such extensions can help resolve the issue for those facing this issue while opening Instagram on their web browser on a computer.

8. The Audio Codec of the video is not compatible with Instagram:

Instagram supports only some specified video and audio codecs. Uploading an unsupported video or audio format file can lead to various issues, including no video or no audio issues while playing the media. If you are the one uploading a video that has no sound, cross-check if it is using the supported audio and video codecs. If not, you will need to convert your video to supported formats before uploading it again. AAC and Vorbis are well-known audio codecs supported by Instagram. So, make sure your audio codec is one of these to avoid any audio-related issues.

Besides the above 8 solutions to fix Instagram video no sound issue, you could also try to log out your account and then re-log in, check if there is anything wrong with the hardware devices, etc.

Extras 1: How to download Instagram video on Windows/Mac

If you are quite sure that the original Instagram video includes sound, but have nothing to do to fix the Instagram video no sound issue after trying out all the above-mentioned solutions, you could try to download Instagram videos onto computer.

CleverGet Video Downloader is the right Instagram video downloader to help you download Instagram videos onto PC/Mac for fixing Instagram video no sound issue. As a professional online video downloader program, CleverGet Video Downloader could help you YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and 1000+ sites to MP4/WEBM/MKV files at different resolutions. CleverGet Video Downloader could also download online live streaming videos from various Live streaming sites such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, etc. You could even use it to download YouTube channels and playlists in batch.

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Firstly, free download and install CleverGet Video Downloader on your computer. It’s totally free to install and try. Then, follow the below guide to learn how to download Instagram videos easily.

Note: CleverGet Video Downloader is a module built in CleverGet.

Step 1: Set download directory

On the top-right corner of CleverGet program, click the 3-dot icon on the top-right corner and then choose “Settings” option on the drop-down panel to set download directory in the “Save Video To” box on the “Settings > General” tab. Make sure you have chosen a disk drive that has enough space. Meanwhile, you could set the “Max Download Tasks” here. Click the blue “Save” button.

instagram sound not working

Step 2: Input the URL of target Instagram movie

After setting download directory, copy and paste the URL of the target Instagram video you want to download into the address bar. CleverGet will automatically analyze the target video URL for you.

instagram sound not working

Step 3: Choose video option to download

There will pop out a “Download” interface that provides all available video and audio download options of target video for you to choose after the program has completed the analyzing. Choose the proper download option by referring to the video quality, resolution, format, size, and frame rate. Then, click the “Download” button to start downloading Instagram videos.

instagram sound not working

Step 4: Check downloading and downloaded videos

Then, on the right sidebar of CleverGet Video Downloader, you could view the downloading progress and downloaded videos under different tabs. Once the downloading completes, you could open the Video tab to view the downloaded videos/audios.

instagram sound not working

In this way, you could easily download Instagram videos for offline watching on your computer to avoid Instagram video no sound issue.

Actually, CleverGet, which includes CleverGet Video Downloader as a module, could do more for you. CleverGet has multiple modules that are designed for various movie websites, like Amazon Downloader, Netflix Downloader, HBO Downloader, Disney+ Downloader, Crackle Downloader, CW Downloader, Pluto Downloader, etc., which will help you download movies and TV shows from corresponding anime streaming service.

Note: Make sure you have downloaded Instagram videos for personal watching only. Don’t break your local law or regulations. Meanwhile, CleverGet offers free trial version, which enables you to download 3 videos for totally free before you decide to purchase it.

Extras 2: How to download Instagram video on mobile phone

With desktop version of Instagram video saver, you could easily download and save Instagram videos to computer. What if you are watching Instagram videos on mobile phones and would like to download Instagram videos on mobile phones?

Section 1: How to download Instagram videos on an Android device

  • Step 1. Download and install the “Video Downloader for Instagram” app from Playstore on your Android smartphone.
  • Step 2. Now go to your Instagram app and find a video that you want to download.
  • Step 3. Tap on the three dots “…” on the right side of the video at the top.
  • Step 4. Choose “Copy link” and go back to the Video Downloader for Instagram app.
  • Step 5. As soon as you open the app, paste the copied link at the provided blank space, the video is now downloaded on your device.
  • Step 6. You can also repost the video by going to the “Repost” option and then choosing from “Feed” and “Stories” as per your wish.

Section 2: How to download Instagram videos on iOS devices

  • Step 1. Download “Regrammer” free app on your device.
  • Step 2. Go to the Instagram video that you want to download.
  • Step 3. Now copy the URL by tapping on the three dots “…” on the top right corner of the video.
  • Step 4. Go to Regrammer and paste the link and hit “Preview”. The video is now downloaded to your device.
  • Step 5. You can repost the video on Instagram as a post or story as per your convenience by going to “Repost” option provided at the bottom.

Besides making use of 3rd-party Instagram video saver software tools, you could also make use of the screen recorder feature of your mobile phones. Most mobile phones will come with a screen recorder that could help you record any activity on phone screen. Just make sure to open the volume if you want to record the screen for downloading Instagram videos on Android/iOS devices.


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