How to Watch & Download The Kardashians on Hulu?

“Is The Kardashians Hulu available now? What does The Kardashians start on Hulu? Can we watch The Kardashians on Hulu for free?”

After a relatively brief hiatus from small screens, America’s most famous family is back on Hulu. The Kardashians’ Hulu release date had been set for this April. The new season promised “give truth to their stories [and bring] viewers into the fold with a rivetingly honest story of love and life in the spotlight.” Many people have been watching The Kardashians Hulu TV series to get the latest stories of this family. Some of viewers have been asking whether or not they are able to watch The Kardashians’ Hulu TV series off the Hulu streaming service. Well, in this guide, we would like to introduce you to how to freely watch The Kardashians’ Hulu TV series.

Part 1: When does The Kardashians start on Hulu

What is the exact The Kardashians’ Hulu release date? When is The Kardashians’ Hulu premiere? For those who information are outofdate, the official release date of The Kardashians Hulu might have been the most concern. To make it clear and clean, The Kardashians’ new reality TV series firstly debuted April 14, 2022 on Hulu already, which means if you are quite concern about The Kardashians Hulu TV series, you could now watch The Kardashians TV series season 1 on Hulu.

the kardashians hulu

And, when does The Kardashians Hulu season two premiere? The new season of The Kardashians premiered on Thursday, Sept. 22, 2022. You can stream the first episode of Season Two now on Hulu, with new weekly episodes premiering on the streaming service every Thursday after that. The second, 44-minute episode airs on Sept. 29, 2022.

Watch The Kardashians Hulu TV series freely as you like on Hulu streaming service now.

Part 2: How to watch The Kardashians on Hulu

If you want to watch The Kardashians online, you’ll need to sign up for Hulu. Hulu is the exclusive home to the new The Kardashians show, and you can only stream The Kardashians Hulu show on nowhere else other than Hulu.

the kardashians hulu

And to watch The Kardashians Hulu show, you are provided with 2 different plans by Hulu streaming service. You could sign up for a Hulu account in these 2 ways to stream The Kardashians episodes and both are great values:

  • The Hulu (With Ads) plan: The Hulu (With Ads) plan: It costs just $6.99/month, and gets you instant access to watch The Kardashians online and stream episodes on-demand after they air. However, there will be interstitial ads during the show.
  • The Hulu (Ad-Free) plan: It is just $12.99/month and lets you watch The Kardashians online without commercials.

Both plans allow you to stream thousands of movies and TV episodes, access to award-winning Hulu original series and exclusives (such as Pam & Tommy, The Handmaid’s Tale and more), streaming on mobile devices, up to six user profiles and the ability to watch on two screens simultaneously. However, only the ad-free plan lets you download The Kardashians shows to watch offline.

You also have the option to expand your streaming library and add other channels such as HBO Max ($15 per month), or bundle your plan with Hulu’s live TV package that comes bundled with Disney+ and ESPN+.

And can you watch The Kardashians TV series on Hulu for free? Yes, there is a way to watch The Kardashians for free online. New subscribers who sign up for Hulu can enjoy a 30-day free trial, which then rolls into the regularly priced monthly subscription after the promo period. During the free trial period, you are allowed to play and watch The Kardashians Hulu shows for free.

Part 3: How to download The Kardashians for offline playback

Hulu will stream all series of The Kardashians shows to let you play and watch The Kardashians online. If you get the Ads-free plan of Hulu, you could even try to download The Kardashians Hulu shows for offline watching, of course, with the help of the Hulu streaming app. Is there any way that could help you download The Kardashians shows to MP4 or other video files so that you could freely play and watch The Kardashians shows on any media player anytime anywhere? You could try CleverGet Hulu Downloader.

CleverGet Hulu Downloader is one of the very few Hulu video downloaders available online to help you download and convert Hulu videos to MP4/MKV files for unlimited offline Hulu video watching. If you search “Hulu video downloader”, “Hulu movie downloader” or “Hulu TV show downloader”, you will get quite few options that meet exactly what you need, while CleverGet Hulu Downloader is one of the few best Hulu video downloaders you could ever get online.

As a professional online Hulu video downloader program, CleverGet Hulu Downloader could help you download and convert Hulu videos, including TV shows and movies, to MP4/MKV files at up to 1080P resolution for unlimited offline watching. For downloading Hulu videos, CleverGet Hulu Downloader enables you to freely choose subtitles and audio tracks from source Hulu videos for downloading. It provides 2 options for Hulu video subtitle downloading: saving into external SRT/SUP subtitle files, or packing into output video as a whole. With CleverGet Hulu Downloader, you could easily and freely download The Kardashians Hulu shows for ads-free offline watching, no matter you have Hulu account with ads or not.

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The below guide would show you how to download The Kardashians shows from Hulu streaming service. Firstly, free download and install CleverGet Hulu Downloader on your computer. Fire it up after installation completes. It’s totally free to install and try.

Note: CleverGet Hulu Downloader is a module built in CleverGet. To download The Kardashians shows from Hulu, you must have a Hulu account.

Step 1: Set download directory

On CleverGet, click the 3-dot icon on the top-right corner and then choose “Settings” option on the drop-down panel to set download directory in the “Save Video To” box on the “Settings > General” tab. Make sure you have chosen a disk drive that has enough space for saving downloaded The Kardashians shows from Meanwhile, you could set the “Max Download Tasks” and other options here like program UI language, cache, new tab, etc. Click the blue “Save” button to save all changes and quit the Settings panel.

the kardashians hulu

Step 2: Input The Kardashians show URL

After setting download directory, open Hulu website on CleverGet and then log in with your own Hulu account. Then, search for The Kardashians show within Hulu streaming service for downloading. Once you have found the target show, play it back within CleverGet. At the bottom right corner, you could see a blue download icon, by clicking which you could let CleverGet parse the target show URL.

the kardashians hulu

Step 3: Choose video to download

When the parsing completes and succeeds, there will pop out a “Download” interface that provides all available video and audio download options of target video for you to choose after the program has completed the analyzing. You need then to choose the proper download option by referring to the video quality, resolution, size, and frame rate. Then, decide the output format (MP4 or MKV), output audio tracks and subtitles, pack subtitles into output video file by checking “Remux into file” option, and then click the blue “Download” button at the bottom to start downloading The Kardashians show from Hulu.

the kardashians hulu

Step 4: Check downloading and downloaded videos

Then, on the right sidebar of CleverGet, you could see the downloading progress with detailed download speed and percentage. You could stop or close any download task anytime. Once the downloading completes, you could open the Video tab to view the downloaded The Kardashians show files.

the kardashians hulu

In this way, you could easily download The Kardashians shows to MP4 or MKV files for offline watching from Hulu streaming platform. Now you have downloaded The Kardashians shows from Hulu and saved them into MP4 or MKV files, you could easily watch The Kardashians shows on any MP4/MKV compatible media players at will.

As an all-inclusive online video downloading solution package, CleverGet offers far more than Hulu video downloader. It also has multiple other modules such as Amazon Downloader, Netflix Downloader, HBO Downloader, Disney+ Downloader, etc., which will help you download your beloved TV shows and movies from 1000+ streaming services.

Note: Make sure you have downloaded The Kardashians shows from Hulu streaming service for personal watching only. Don’t break your local law or regulations. Meanwhile, CleverGet offers free trial version and registered version. The free trial version enables you to download 3 videos for totally free before you decide to purchase it.


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