12 Best Korean Dramas of All Time – How to Download & Watch

Korean dramas were once mostly noted for its fascinating and compelling romance. Nowadays, there are a number of Korean dramas in different genres that are gaining popularity worldwide. Kdrama is playing an important role in shaping the Korean Wave trend in fashion, culture, and travel destinations. If you are intrigued in Korean culture, you could look for the best Kdrama to watch. In this post, there are 12 best of Korean Dramas of all time collected for you to watch and download for offline viewing.

Part 1: 12 Best Korean Dramas of All Time

When you are looking for best Korean dramas of all time to watch, you could keep reading and check the list on the 12 best Kdramas as follows. If you want to watch these Korean dramas online, see: 10 Best Free Sites to Watch Korean Drama with English Subtitles

1. Crash Landing on You (2019-2020)

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Romance

Episodes: 16

Rating: 8.7/10


Rated as one of the best romantic Korean dramas by audiences, Crash Landing on You is swoon-worthy. It is about the love romance between a South Korean Chaebol heiress who accidentally lands in North Korea and a North Korean military captain who falls in love with her and tries to protect her. The story is really sweet and romantic, but there are many twists and turns as well.

2. Descendants of the Sun (2016)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance

Episodes: 16

Rating: 8.3/10


If you’re looking for the best romantic Korean drama that will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between, Descendants of the Sun is not to be missed. It tells of the love story that develops between a special forces captain named Shi-Jin and a Surgeon named Mo-Yeon. They fall in love with each other, but their relationship has to face challenge when Shi-Jin is deployed to Afghanistan.

3. Goblin: The Lonely and Great God (2016-2017)

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Episodes: 16

Rating: 8.6/10


For those who are intrigued in romance, Goblin: The Lonely and Great God, as one of the best romantic Korean dramas, is bingeworthy. The story follows Kim Shin, a nine-hundred-year-old goblin who is cursed to live forever. He helps people with his powers and keeps questing for a human bride to break his immortal curse. When meeting his bride, he realizes he wants to live and be with her.

4. Hospital Playlist (2020-2021)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Episodes: 24

Rating: 8.8/10


If you are looking for the best K-drama to watch, Hospital Playlist wholesome and must-watch.
The drama tells the story of five doctors who have been friends since they entered medical school in 1999. The long-standing friendship and their passion for music of five leads make the drama heartwarming and enjoyable.

5. The Great Queen Seondeok (2009)

Genre: History, Drama, Biography

Episodes: 62

Rating: 8.7/10


To watch the best Korean drama of all time, you cannot miss The Great Queen Seondeok. It centers on Queen Seondeok who was born a princess, brought up among commoners and overcame many trials to become the ruler of the ancient Korean kingdom of Silla. As one of the best historical Korean dramas, this is a bingeworthy drama that combines ancient mysticism, political intrigue and thrilling action sequences.

6. The Great Jang-Geum (2003-2004)

Genre: History, Drama, Biography

Episodes: 54

Rating: 8.5/10


If you are quite fond of the best historical Korean dramas, The Great Jang-Geum is so worth watching. The story is based on a real person in Korean history, Suh, Jang-geum. She is the first female royal physician of the Joseon dynasty and treats the king’s illnesses using her cooking expertise.

7. Start-up (2020- )

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Episodes: 16

Rating: 8.1/10


The inspiring Start-up could be the best Korean drama of all time for tech lovers. The drama follows a bunch of young entrepreneurs who try to find their way in Korea’s high-tech industry as they experience love and success.

8. Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Episodes: 20

Rating: 8.3/10


Kill Me, Heal Me is full of thrilling yet heart-wrenching moments as well laughing out loud moments and highly recommended as the best Korean drama. It tells a love story between Cha Do Hyun who has 7 personalities and Oh Ri Jin who becomes his secret psychiatrist.

9. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Episodes: 16

Rating: 8.6/10


This is another best Korean drama of all time that is worth watching. It tells a love story about a man employed in a psychiatric ward and a woman who is a best-selling author of children’s books. The drama represents audiences an extraordinary story on the road to emotional healing of them both.

10. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018)

Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Romance

Episodes: 16

Rating: 8.1/10


What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is the best romantic Korean drama that is light-hearted with plenty of laughs. The drama is based on the popular webtoon of the same name and tells the story of a narcissistic boss who falls in love with his secretary.

11. My Love from Another Star (2013-2014)

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Episodes: 22

Rating: 8.2/10


If you are fond of romantic comedies, My Love from Another Star would be the indispensable one on your favorite list. The story centers on Do Min-Joon, an alien who crash-lands on Earth in the Joseon era. 400 years ago, he meets famous actress Chun Song-Yi and they develop a special bond.

12. Mr. Sunshine

Genre: Action, History, Romance

Episodes: 246

Rating: 8.7/10


If you’re a huge fan of the best historical Korean dramas, Mr. Sunshine would be worth a watch. The story centers on a slave during the Joseon dynasty who escaped to the United States in 1871. When he returns to Joseon later as a U.S. Marine Corps officer, he meets and falls in love with an aristocrat’s granddaughter.

Part 2: How to Download Best Korean Drama for Offline Viewing?

Definitely, there are a lot of best Korean dramas of all time that are quite sought-after you can watch online. But when you are willing to watch the Korean drama at anywhere any time or entertain the Kdrama you’re fond of over and over again, you need to download your favorite series for offline viewing. CleverGet Video Downloader helps you download the best Korean drama of all time to watch offline.

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Step 1. Download and Install CleverGet Video Downloader

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Step 2. Change Default Settings

Launch the downloader, then click on the three-dots icon to open a drop-down menu and enter the Settings panel. Under “General” tab, you can choose an output folder to save the downloaded movies or change other settings if needed.


Step 3. Download Best Korean Drama

Copy and paste the URL of the best Korean drama into the address bar and press Enter. CleverGet will analyze the URL automatically and detect the available sources to download. All the download options will be listed on the Download panel, with quality, format, frame rate and size offered. Choose one or more options and click Download.


Step 4. Manage Downloading Process

When the best Korean drama is being downloaded, the download process will be showed in the right sidebar where you can also stop or end the task if needed. When downloads complete, you can go to the Video tab to locate the folder saving the downloaded file and play it for entertainment.


Part 3: Best App to Watch K-Drama

When you have downloaded the best Korean drama to your computer, an excellent media player to play the drama will make you more satisfied. Leawo Blu-ray player would be the best app to watch K-drama offline. It is a multifunctional media player that provides comprehensive solutions for you to play back video files in various common formats and quality as well as in high quality like 4K UHD Blu-ray/DVD/4K HD, etc. It delivers extraordinary image and audio quality so that you can enjoy a great binge-watching experience. If you have collected the best Korean dramas, Leawo Blu-ray player will be the best app to watch K-drama free.

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Step 2. Load Episodes of the Drama You Downloaded

Click “Open File” to load the episodes of the Korean drama for playback. All the episodes will be listed on the Playlist, where you can add or remove the episodes.


Step 3. Change the Settings (Optional)

After loading Korean drama episodes, the player would start to play. During playback, right click to open the menu where offers several settings options. You can choose for “Subtitles…” to change subtitle settings, choose “Videos…”/ “Audio” option to change video/audio settings.


Leawo Blu-ray Player could play videos of up to 1080P in HD MP4, HD AVI, HD MOV, HD TS, etc. in lossless quality and even supports to play back DTS-5.1 audio. This user-friendly media player could enhance drama-watching experience. Anyway, it is easy and enjoyable to watch the best Korean drama of all time with this media.


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